Grooming Dogs in Style

If you’re a busy dog owner, consider grooming your pup in style. Grooming your dog at home will keep your furry friend looking great without a lot of effort.


Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you get started:

Guide to dog grooming

Dog owners take pride in doing things for their pets and love doing them themselves.

Grooming your dog at home will not only keep your dog looking fresh and clean, but will also help you bond with your pet. While you may be reluctant to try it, trimming your pet’s nails and clipping its fur may seem like a daunting task.


If you’d like to take charge of your pet’s grooming, here are some tips to make it easier on you.

Give your pet a good workout before grooming your dog.

Excessive excitement and energy will make grooming a chore for you and your dog. Take your dog for a long walk and give it plenty of playtime beforehand. Once your dog is tired, you can begin grooming them.

Remember to stay firm and talk in a calm voice, and keep some treats nearby to reward your dog’s good behavior.

Tools needed

To groom a dog, you will need specific tools. For instance, a shedding blade is used to remove loose hair from the dog’s coat.

Shears are the most common tool, with 71/2 and 81/4-inch lengths. However, you can also buy specialty shears for poodles or schnauzers.

If you have an unusually curving dog, you can get curved shears to follow the curve of the dog’s legs or head.

A pair of dog-specific scissors will help you cut away nasty mats and polish areas such as the paws and face.

Regular shears are too sharp for your dog’s sensitive skin.

The Pet Magasin dog grooming set includes two sets of scissors: a shorter set for body hair, and a longer one for nails and facial hair. These scissors have comfortable handles and rounded tips to prevent accidents.


The techniques of grooming dogs in style have many variations. For instance, a topknot, or pigtail, is a short, tight, and stylish haircut. It is often held in place with a bow or barrette.

There are also sanitary, or short-cut, and face trims. These are typically done between full haircuts and are more suitable for pets with short coats. Some breeds have unique, unusual hair styles.

Japanese-style grooming has gained popularity in the past decade, focusing on the general “cuteness” of the animal. Groomers specialized in this style use advanced scissoring techniques and pet-safe hair dyes.

One such groomer is Kuniko Hara, the owner of Pink Pucci Grooming Salon in Torrance, CA. This style is often performed by experienced Japanese groomers who are trained in the art of grooming dogs.


The benefits of grooming dogs in style are numerous.

Professional grooming helps you identify potential health problems and spot lumps on your dog’s skin and ear canals. You can avoid costly and unnecessary treatments if you know what to look for. Regular visits to a professional groomer can help you identify problems before they become serious or even fatal.

Grooming professionals can feel for lumps in your dog’s coat, which is usually harmless.

Another benefit of grooming your dog is bonding time. It feels like a massage for you and your pet, which can be very rewarding.

Grooming can also give you a moment of stress-free time. There’s nothing better than a well-groomed dog, so make the appointment to take your dog to the salon for a good grooming session.

After the grooming session, make sure to reward your dog with a treat.