What Are the Causes of Back Leg Problems in Dogs?

If your dog has trouble walking on its back legs, you may think that there’s something wrong with its back legs.


However, if your dog suddenly stops walking on its back legs, it may not be a symptom of any underlying problem.

There are many different possible causes of hind limb weakness, and a veterinary exam will determine the cause and the best treatment for your dog. In addition to a physical exam, your vet may perform X-rays of the back legs and pelvis.

Your dog’s hind limbs may be weak or swollen.


The signs of hind limb weakness in dogs vary depending on the breed, build, nature, and cause of the problem.

If your dog’s hind limb weakness persists, it’s time to visit a veterinarian as soon as possible. Early treatment can improve the quality of life for your senior dog.

This article discusses some of the most common causes of hind limb weakness in dogs.

One common cause of back leg weakness in dogs is inflammation of the spinal cord. Inflammation of the spinal cord can cause your dog to experience weakness and numbness in the affected back leg.

Disc disease occurs when a piece of cartilage enters the bloodstream and blocks blood supply to the spine.

Disc disease typically affects only one leg, but if the symptoms are consistent with a single leg, it may be something more serious. A CT scan will provide a better picture of the bone structure and nerves.