where can i get my dog health tested.

Dogs can be health risks. In order to prevent serious health issues, you should have your pet checked by a vet regularly. There are many types of tests. For example, a veterinarian can check for parasites, heartworms, and DNA.


A vet will also perform a comprehensive physical exam. Afterward, he or she will recommend further tests. Typically, dogs will undergo dental, eye, and ear checks. The vet will also check the heart, lungs, lymph nodes, and prostate.

The veterinarian will also recommend any additional tests, including genetic testing and hip and elbow scoring.

Genetic testing is a good way to monitor a dog’s overall health. DNA tests can give you a definitive diagnosis for any inherited disorders or diseases. DNA tests can even provide breed identification.


Several laboratories now offer DNA tests.

The Wisdom Health Panel screens for more than 3,000 genetic markers, and incorporates the MyDogDNA test from Genoscoper Laboratories in Finland. These tests are available through mail-in cheek swabs. DNA tests can also tell you whether your dog is a carrier or has a genetic predisposition for developing the disease.

If you’re looking for a veterinarian, a centralized database for information about dog health is a great place to start.

The AKC’s Canine Health Foundation (ACHF) is a nonprofit organization devoted to dog health and wellness.

They support sound scientific research and the dissemination of health information.

It’s also worth visiting your local animal shelter for an appointment. Its mission is to help people make informed decisions about their pet’s health.